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Friday, July 2, 2021

Judicial Watch Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Against Voter Fraud Provisions in Arizona


(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement on The Supreme Court’s ruling upholding Arizona provisions restricting ballot harvesting and “out of precinct” voting. Mark Brnovich, Attorney General of Arizona, et al. v. Democratic National Committee, et al. (Nos. 19-1257 & 1258):
Today’s Supreme Court decision is a home run for cleaner elections. It reaffirms that states may take action to prevent election fraud without waiting for it to occur within their own borders. This new decision rightly rejects the race-baiting of the leftist partisans who pretend that neutral provisions to combat voter fraud (such as voter ID and bans on ballot harvesting) are presumptively racist. The decision also destroys the foundation of the Biden administration’s recent attack on Georgia’s election reform laws. States can be confident that they can go full speed ahead to strengthen elections and protect voting rights with security measures such as voter ID and other sensible measures to make it harder to steal elections.
In January, Judicial Watch joined with Allied Educational Foundation (AEF) to file an amici curiae (friends of the court) brief in this case.
As was pointed out in Judicial Watch’s filing, those challenging Arizona’s clean election laws “utterly failed” to show that the challenged voting procedure caused minorities to have less opportunity to participate in the political process and to elect representatives of their choice.

Judicial Watch is a national leader for cleaner elections. You can learn more about Judicial Watch’s clean election efforts here.
The Allied Educational Foundation is a charitable and educational foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life through education. In furtherance of that goal, the Foundation has engaged in a number of projects, which include, but are not limited to, educational and health conferences domestically and abroad. AEF has partnered frequently with Judicial Watch to fight government and judicial corruption and to promote a return to ethics and morality in the nation’s public life.

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